Oh hey!
Welcome to the page of my Rust server!
Just want to join? You can join directly HERE!


Q: Why do I have a server?

A: Why the hell not? I’m cool, this is cool, this is a great idea! Haha

Q: Will your server crash?

A: Who knows, get loads of friends and find out 😛

Q: What is your favourite part of the server?

A: Probably the buildings where people can run through and just, DESTROY each other, it’s pretty great!

Q: How big is the server?

A: It’s a decent size. It’s made up of 2 islands but it’s not massive, so don’t get intimidated 😛

Q: Why should I try your server?

A: I mean… Why wouldn’t you? It doesn’t cost you anything, now go play!


I guess you want to see the playingfield if you’re still here… Well, here you are!